Neomaterialism is a blog run by Joshua Simon, curator and writer and a 2011-2013 Vera List Center Fellow at the New School, who is researching expanded notions of Thingness.

The aim of this blog is to examine the order of things today. How come symbols behave like materials (“fake” and “real” brands)? Why have commodities become the historical subject (do we furnish our world with IKEA or rather we dwell in its world)? Are humans reduced to simply absorbing surpluses (with baby diapers being a form of child labor)? How labor has shifted from production to consumption? Why is everything we do is work (even when we are not employed) and how can a generation overqualified for the labor market can change everything?

This blog hosts source materials and documents, together with commentary and analysis.

Re-introducing different notions of dialectical materialism into the already established conversation on the subjectivity of things, Neomaterialism challenges the investigation which the new-materialists have begun, relating it to labor, debt, credit, animisim and alienation, life-taxes and social organization.

With the book Neomaterialism (Sternberg Press, 2013), available in stores now the blog also operates as an ongoing archive for references, reviews and events.
Neomaterialism copy at Pro-qm Berlin
Thanks to Nitzan Wolanski
Thursday 9/18/2014

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Neomaterialism copy at Pro-qm Berlin

Thanks to Nitzan Wolanski

A seminar by Andreas Bunte on the book Neomaterialism at the Oslo National Academy of Arts.
Wednesday 9/17/2014

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A seminar by Andreas Bunte on the book Neomaterialism at the Oslo National Academy of Arts.

Tuesday 9/16/2014

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Monday 9/8/2014

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Review of Neomaterialism by Boaz Levin in Bezalel Journal (Hebrew)

Thursday 9/4/2014

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The bookbook IKEA ad meshes their DIY consumer instructions with Apple’s interface-led strategyWhen a virtual thing can be touched, that’s Apple. When real furniture is virtual, that’s IKEA.  

From the conference: Living Labor: Marxism and Performance Studies (April, 11-13, 2014, NYU), video archive:

April 11, 2014

Theater of Circulation: Marxist Fembots in Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress
Li Cornfeld (McGill University)

Replica Res Publica: A Theoretical Consideration of Japanese Replica Food
Ksenia Sidorenko (Yale University)

Neomaterialism: the dialect of matter and dialectical materialism
Joshua Simon (MoBY-Museums of Bat Yam; Goldsmiths College)

Respondent: Barbara Browning (New York University)


Wednesday 9/3/2014

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A Zero Waste No Packaging Supermarket just opened in Berlin. To visit it go to:

Friday 8/8/2014

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Welcome back dialectics!

with Marina Gržinić and Joshua SImon

Tuesday 7/29/2014

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Noam Yuran, What Money Wants: An Economy of Desire. Stanford, Calif.: Stanford University Press 2014. 320 pp.

reviewed by Anat Rosenberg


Friday 7/4/2014

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Who Is Calling? a conversation on Open Calls with Can Gülcü, Hanna Rosa Oellinger and Joshua Simon

Künstelrhaus Wien

Thursday, July 10 2014, 7:30pm

5 Karlplatz,  1010 Vienna

Free Admission